West Macdonnell Ranges

This vast and spectacular section of the MacDonnell Ranges, located west of Alice Springs, is an outstanding example of an ancient landscape sculptured over time by climatic elements. This tour will show you this beautiful unique environment and have you back in time for lunch or another fantastic afternoon tour.

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See the rugged West Macdonnell Ranges 

See Flynn’s Grave, founder of the royal flying doctor service.

Explore the dramatic features of Simpsons Gap, while keeping your eyes peeled for rock wallabies.

See Standley Chasm and see the Majestic Angkerle. Enjoy a walk through through this five metre break in the range with its towering fiery red walls.

Enjoy a picnic lunch with traditional Billy tea while atop Anzac hill and enjoying the stunning views of Alice Springs and the Macdonnell Ranges.

Option 1: Continue on for an afternoon Alice Springs Desert park walk. Explore this amazing park and see its unique landscapes and wildlife. Learn just how resourceful the Aboriginals are in this area.

Option 2: Desert Park Tour - $30 extra pre person

This Alice Springs Tours R Us tour is all inclusive and includes lunch.

Operates: Daily 

Departs: 8:50am

Arrives: 1:00pm

Adult: $80

Child: $60

Concession: N/A

Family: N/A

1. Can I book over the phone or a day before?

Yes, bookings can be made over the phone at any time by calling us on +61 2 8004-0500. We cannot guarantee that bookings made via E-mail one day before can be processed.

2. When is payment taken for the tours?

Payments can be taken over the web prior to your tour, or payment can be taken by the Coach Captain on the day of your tour when you are on the bus - Cash, Credit Cards or travelers Cheques are all accepted.

3. Where do you pick up from?

We pick up from all City Hotels and other city locations on request, we also pick up from the North and Parramatta regions depending on the tour requested.

4. Is your tour priced in Australian Dollars and does it include GST?

Our tours are all priced in Australian Dollars and includes all taxes and surcharges.

5. Do the busses have air-conditioning?

All our busses are deluxe and have personal control air-conditioning as well as cloth seating, rest assured our busses are always services and exceed all standards and regulations.

6. Are you a licensed tour operator?

Sydney Tours R Us carry all licenses required, we are fully accredited by the Government to carry passengers. Our Accreditation no. is 19275.

7. Please can you explain Child, Concession and Family rates?

Children rates are available for children aged 4 to 12 years of age, if the child is under 4 years and doesn’t take up a seat they will travel for free.

Concessions are available to all pensioners, students with valid student ID and Backpackers with valid ID.

Family rate is valid for two adults and two children, if there are additional people, a discount rate will be offered.

8. What if it rains during a tour?

All of our tours are weather proof and if an activity can not be undertaken due to weather, additional activities will be undertaken. Our tours are weather friendly.

9. How far in advance should I book the tour?

Generally we recommend booking at least a week in advance, however anywhere up to two days before is generally fine for seats. If you need to book the tour the day before, we recommend calling us directly on +61 2 8004 0500.

Want to book a tour with us? It’s very simple. Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours. It is recommended that you book a few days in advance to secure the number of seats you want. 




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Map of the West Macdonnell Ranges, Alice Springs:
Feel free to interact with the map of the West Macdonnell Ranges below.

Enjoy some photos from this amazing tour below:

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